The Magante Golf Resort Project

Location of the site

The site is located in Magante on the north coast 30 km east of the international airport of Puerto Plata. The site is near the sea and can easily be reached through the main coastal road. Close to Magante are beautiful beaches and the world-famous golf course of Playa Grande.

The site
The site measures 104 hectares with a length of app. 2500 m and an average width of app. 450 m.
Several rivers and brooks run through the site and create together with the King Palm trees and other rare mature trees an ideal landscape for a golf resort.
The division of the site into three building development zones enables to realize the project in phases, allows an economical use of the area and also makes sense in terms of safty considerations.


Building development zone A:
The rather flat area qualifies best for the golf course with the hotel, located on a gentle hill, in the center of the area.

Golf course
The Golf course is a championship course with par 72, which will meet the standards of advanced golfers as well as beginners. 2/3 of the course will be situated in rather flat terrain and 1/3 will be situated in the gently inclining area of the site. The existing King Palm trees, solitaire trees and the water areas will be integrated in the design. This will give the course a distinctive and interesting character.

The hotel is designed as a 5 star accommodation (European valuation) and is supposed to meet all the needs of golf playing tourists. The hotel is situated on a gentle hill with a fantastic view towards the ocean and the golf course. The hotel consists of 270 rooms and 30 suites and 11 seperate residences.


Building development zone B:
The hill with it’s fantastic panorama view overlooking the bay of Magante is the perfect site for villas and a restaurant.
Villas, stores and restaurant
Significant for the building development zone B is a hill of about 60 m height. On top of this hill one can enjoy a moderate breeze and the fantastic view over the bay of Magante and the rolling hills surrounding it. At this lookout point a restaurant seating 120 people is planned.
The hill and its surrounding land will be subdivided into about 50 lots for building the villas. 10 lots for luxury villas will measure about 2’000 m2 and 40 lots for smaller villas will measure about 1000 m2 . These villas would also be ideal for spendig one’s retirement.


Building development site C:
The rolling hills with their rural atmosphere provide a great view to the ocean and into the hills. This area is predestined for country houses.
This beautiful and hilly area is located about 2 km off the costal road and is characterized by its peaceful atmosphere, sublime nature and view to the sea and surrounding hills.
As an ideal retreat the area is planned with a low density. The size of the 33 lots for country houses will be about 2’500 m2 each.


Beach Club
Thanks to the pedestrian underpass the Beach Club can be easily reached in 6 minutes by walking from the hotel.
In a pleasant and exclusive atmosphere, a day spent at the beach club will be an unforgettable experience.
Cool drinks, delicious snacks and the impressive scenery of white sand and palm trees will take guests to a diferrent and beautiful world. Not only can they enjoy their favorite sport in a beautiful landscape but also relax on the breathtaking beach of Magante bay.